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About Us

The principals of Pleiades Software Development, Inc have been working on family data record linking projects for over 40 years.  Sue Dintelman and Tim Maness were part of the technical staff that created the Utah Population Database at the University of Utah in the early 1980's.  The UPDB, a genealogy of Utah, became the foundation of many genetics and demographic research projects and an updated version is still in use today.  

Since then PSD has built genealogies for several other bio-tech companies and health care organizations, the largest being over 80 million individuals.  PSD has developed GenMerge, the Genealogy Merge Utility, for the genealogy market and GenMergeDB for larger population reconstitution projects.


PSD has been involved in dozens of record linking projects from reconstituting a single small village in  Italy from church baptism, marriage and death records to linking complete US and Canadian censuses.  PSD has extensive experience with all types of historical records, vital statistics records and medical records.  For more details about record linking and PSD record linking services go to We are always improving our ability to answer the question:  "Are these two records for the same person."  We are ready to help you with your project.

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